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If you cannot Usher on your Assigned Date...
it is YOUR responsibility to find a substitute.

I’ve given up on trying to make up a schedule for the next couple of weeks.  Couldn’t figure out anyone’s plan and things are crazy over the holidays with Christmas on a Monday. So if you are at Mass and see a need please lend a hand.

Dick McCoy will be at  6PM on Christmas Eve and 10AM Christmas morning. 

Clem Stickline will be at 8PM Christmas Eve

Don Allen will be at Midnight;

if you are there please help if you can.  I’ll try to get a schedule out for Jan.

Another heads up on the Christmas Mass schedule.  We will have regular Sunday services at 9AM and 11:15AM.  Then there will be Christmas Masses at 6PM, 8PM and Midnight and a 10AM on Christmas morning.  That means we’ll need 12 Ushers  Thanks again.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to 2018.